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Services and Fees

Our Residential Home Inspection, with or without added services, starts at a base fee of $300 for homes under 3000 square feet. For larger homes additional fees are added according to square footage. Termite and Radon inspections are discounted when added to the home inspection. Please see the list below for all our services and fees. Discounts are available for repeat clients and investors, call our office for details.
Service Description Pricing
Residential Home Inspection 300
Home Inspection w/Termite 340
Home Inspection w/Termite &Radon 445
Seller’ Pre-Listing Inspection 270
Condo/Loft Inspection 265
Structural Inspection Home Inpsection minus the mechanical 230
Mechanical Inspection Home Inspection minus the structural 230
Du-Plex Inspection Inspection of both sides. Call our office for special pricing with termite and radon or see pricing while scheduling online 530
Four-Plex Inspection Inspection of four units. Call our office for special pricing with termite and radon or see pricing while scheduling online 680
Additional Outbuilding Any detached structure including garage 55
Certified Roof Inspection 160
Re-Inspection Re-inspection of items after repairs 160
Consultation Inspection of specified items and an oral report. Fee per hour with one hour minimum 120
Termite Not included with a home inspection 75
Radon Measurement Not included with a home inspection 145
Sewer Camera Inspection Camera inspection from cleanout to city main sewer line 195

Residential Home Inspection

A residential home inspection includes a visual inspection of all the major components of the home. The inspector will start with the exterior evaluating the condition of the siding, trim and windows. Also inspected is the foundation, driveway, sidewalks, grade, air-conditioner, electrical, porches and decks. After a thorough inspection of the roof and any chimneys, the inspector will move to the interior working from the attic to the basement testing and operating electrical outlets and lights, bathrooms, fixed kitchen appliances, windows and doors; and visually inspecting walls, ceilings and floors. After completing the structural inspection the HVAC system will be operated and evaluated along with the water heater and electric panel. Although this is not a complete list of the entire process it should give a buyer an idea of what is covered. Again, the purpose of this inspection is to provide home buyers with as much information as possible and limit the amount of risk involved in what is usually a person’s largest investment.

Pre-Listing Seller’s Inspection

This inspection can be very helpful to the home seller who wants to get top dollar for their home. Having a pre-listing inspection will enable you to be ahead of the game and repair any items found before your buyer’s home inspector points them out to his clients. Some buyers, who are already nervous about the home buying process can get cold feet when they hear the list of items to repair adding up. Following our inspection you will have the opportunity to eliminate those items that either kill the deal or provide the buyer with renegotiating power.

Additional Services

At Lancaster Inspection Company we also have pricing packages that include termite and radon inspections. On the average home these two services, along with a home inspection, will provide everything you need, but sometimes additional services are a good idea. If fireplaces are present (especially those with older clay tile flues) we recommend our clients consider having a level 2 chimney inspection. If the home was built after 1980 we also recommend a sewer camera inspections. Both the chimney and sewer inspections utilize the expertise of our contractors who will use specialized cameras to investigate areas that would otherwise be unseen. Since both chimney and sewer line repair can be expensive, it is always a good idea to invest in these inspections.